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We provide in home and private studio personal training in Chicago, Evanston, Wilmette, Winnetka, Kenilworth and Skokie. We bring all necessary equipment to you.

(312) 371-6107

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We do it all: Personal Training, Fitness Assessment, Nutrition Plans, Weight Loss, Sports Specific Conditioning, and Massage. Serving Chicago and the North Shore Area.

(773) 610-5507

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We specialize in Fitness Training for Busy People. If you find yourself saying "I don't have time to exercise," then this is for you. Work out three times per week for 30 minutes each time.

(312) 371-6107

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Chicago Personal Training!

Chicago's Best Personal Fitness Trainers are Ready to Help you Lose Weight and Get in Shape Quickly and Without any Stupid Pills or Potions. Call a Chicago Fitness Trainer and Get Started Today!
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GuruToYou™ provides fitness, stress reduction and nutrition services at work and home. Our elite yoga instructors, personal trainers, massage therapists and registered dietitians will help you get in shape in the convenience of your home or office.

(773) 489-5506


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Designs individualized training programs for your specific needs. Weight loss, overall fitness, nutritional guidance in home training for your convenience.

(847) 885-2079

Chicago Personal Trainer John Turk
Hello, my name is John Turk and what I find exciting about training people is that no two individuals are the same. Whether it's helping Men or Women with no experience or teaching the seasoned veteran the latest techniques, my philosophy is a simple one - If you don't succeed I don't either. The programs I design for each person are customized and provide a safe and enjoyable environment for achieving your goals. Servicing Downtown Chicago.

(312) 804-0070


We specialize in Weight Loss for Women. We've helped Chicago women lose as much as 190 pounds, and KEEP it off for years. We can help you too.

Chicago Personal Fitness Trainer Robyn Kretschy Healthy Results Ltd was created to help individuals achieve healthy goals through exercise. Frequent exercise and daily activity is shown in study after study to decrease the risks of almost every disease, as well as make you feel good. A variety of programs have been created to work with individuals and his or her current needs, in order to achieve goals set. Healthy Results Ltd. also works with a strong network of highly expert healthcare professionals, to ensure all your health and lifestyle needs are met.

(773) 771-1735

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If you’re looking for results, we can help! We realize that everyone has specific goals and needs. Your workouts are tailored to meet these needs, and have the flexibility of fitting into your schedule. If you’re looking to reduce pain, train for an upcoming event, or just lose weight and tone up, we can reach these goals together and have fun doing it! Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation.

(773) 426-9929

chicago suburbs personal trainer co. FlexCo. Fitness offers home-based personal training in the Western suburbs as well as studio based training at the FlexCo. Fitness Training Center in Glen Ellyn. Our customized programs and eating recommendations can help you start on your path toward a fit and healthy new you.

(630) 545-0117

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Need a Personal Trainer but don't live in Chicago? Our Chicago Pesonal Trainers can help you no matter where you live, and no matter what your schedule is. We send you pictures of which exercises to do, and how many sets and reps.

You also get telephone and email access to your Personal Training Team.

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